Raising Independence

I debated about posting this but I thought if it's a challenge for me, it's probably for someone else. If your in the midst of this well then..grab a tissue box and let's hold hands! BA.

From the moment I knew I was having a girl, I prayed. I prayed that she would be strong, confident, funny and loving (hence the Funny Girl poster in her room). That when she walked in a room she would shine. Not because of the clothing she wore or because she would be the loudest in the room, but because she was confident in who she was.

I got what I prayed for.

Francesca "France" means strong and she is just that. FREE. She already has so much Sass and personality. France knows what she wants at every moment and she's not shy to express it. If she greets you with "HELLO" she expects you to acknowledge her and say it back. If you don't she will lovingly repeat herself in a soft voice " Hi Helllllllllo". Just to paint you a picture. 

I love her with all my heart and I see me in her! The challenges I  struggle with, I can see in her. I catch myself saying things like "She's so ________" and it's negative. I truly believe that we can speak life or death in our kids life. I have shifted my thinking. Instead of saying that I say something like "France your so patient"..get it? So simple.

Yesterday was a little tough. We have a group of friends in our neighborhood with about eight kids. We all text each other to meet at the pool..  France and I had to leave early because she threw a huge fit. I was embarrassed. I also felt like to mean mom for taking her home while all the other kids swam. I wanted to stay with her and have a blast.

While the kids all sit for lunch France is dashing away. When the kids are all in the pool she wants to get out, run around it and jump back in from the deep end. Basically she's always wanting to do the opposite of everyone else. This makes playdates tough sometimes. 

Both my husband and I have tried every form of discipline and we are not sure which works best for her. I love her adventurous and free spirit! I want her to be her... if your reading this and thinking I'm venting, I'm venting! At the end of the day, I'm grateful for who she is and what I know she will become. I feel like my job as a mother is to guide her. Not change her but guide her to be the best she could be. I let her go nuts at the park and don't hold her back at the small slide because I know she hates it. I let her climb up a 6ft. ladder and stand next to it because I know she can. I don't freak out.

At night when I tuck her in I thank God that He gave me her. I know that He would never give me anything I couldn't handle. This includes the beautiful life He gave us to care for. I have days I don't know what is best. I push forward and do what I can. One thing I'm certain of is that this kid of ours is more that aware that she is LOVED. At the end of the day....I think thats all that really matters. 

Keep on Keeping ON! Cheers to raising strong independent kids. Let's be honest...we wouldn't want it any other way. = ) 


Mami Karla