Freshly Picked // All that fuss

I've been a "believer" before even getting my old lady looking hands on them! We received our first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins this week and they are even yummier in person. The leather is so thick yet soft. France has a wide foot and is very particular about her shoes. If something bothers her, she will keep repeating "Outchie Mami" while she takes off her shoes.

We went to a picnic yesterday for the launch of A Little Bundle and she ran around like crazy. I didn't hear her complain once about her shoes...(never happens) she prefers to go Barney Rubble style. 

Not only are these mocassins incredible, but the woman behind them is just as wonderful. Susan the founder and creator is a gem. I have been a Instagram follower for some time and I'm so happy that she is nominated for the Martha Stewart's American Made award // to vote. Susan is giving a FREE pair of moccs a day through next Friday, all you need to do is VOTE!