Top 3 "France Favorites"


The other day I was shopping with a registry list in hand. I hate registries. OK maybe hate is a strong word, but I prefer to purchase items that make me think of the person I'm shopping for. 

I thought about France and the items that make me think "That's SO France" these made the list. My current France "favorites"!  

Shades & Leotards & Tattoos?! 


American Apparel: Leotards. YES. I ask myself daily why these are not a part of everyday fashion for kids ( adults don't try it). Maybe we need to change that?!  #Francemeetsleo


Tattly Tattoos: France needs to be sponsored by them. She calls Tattoos "Gato" which is cat in Spanish. The first thing she does in the morning is point to her arm and look for her "Gato". Once they go away in the bath she asks for more. Let's just say this is not one of grandma's favorite things. 

Have a great weekend.