Day dreaming


Maps and Trains and Cars and Planes. (you can breathe now) 

Just a few of the things I have been dreaming of. I find myself itching for a new adventure. I have been trying to find excitement in the little things especially around the house, but it only makes me more antsy. It doesn't help that France and I are one in the same. Neither one of us enjoys the calmness of the day, if we haven't made a trip downtown. 


The nights in Paris while hand holding with my Bebe and Jason. The croissants and coffee we will buy on our walk to the museum. All the little gifts we will buy along the way…France wearing my old black beret?! I truly haven't given these days too much thought! HA. 

The goal is to make our way to Paris for my 30th Birthday next year. Imagine that with my mini France in tow?! 

One can only dream....