Besos de mami // before bed

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Meme time (Bed time) is my favorite! It's the perfect time in the evening, when our hearts are happy and our bellies are full after dinner. It's the time that Papi gets to take over and play and give her the cookie she's been waiting for. I always dreamed of what our evenings would look like once France came along...bath, teeth brushing, and of course story time! Well, it hasn't always been that way. Story time was the time France thought it would be best to bite my fingers as I really tried to flip the pages. Truth be told I kinda wanted to give up and after several attempts I gave up! I kissed my story time goodbye. Now after her bath she dashes to her book basket, to pick one up for us to read. It's been a total 180. I just gave it time and knew once she was older, it would be interesting and funny to watch us act crazy while making sounds.

Her current favorite is Jorge El Curiodo (Curious George). The amounts of monkey sounds I make? Oh it's totally worth it for us. So happy I have a "reader" because Mami never really jumped on that bandwagon.

Lucas over at Lillies and Leon is reading another one of our favorite books! He's really really squeezable!!!

xx. Mami Karla