Besos de mami // Bebe Lanugo

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While we are in the middle of our house renovation, we are staying at my parents house. It's so nice to be home and see France run around the backyard. She's having a blast! My parents saw her in this Bebe Lanugo t and just flipped. It's the most tender shirt that reads "God Bless me".

Bebe Lanugo is a perfect fit for our Beso De Mami series...The cute clothing and totes with Spanish sayings?! They are really darling. We couldn't connect with Carla (founder and owner) without asking her some of our favorite questions! So here we go...

Q: What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

A:  Since I have been working intensively this past year, all my free time is spent with my family. I love being ‘mami’ to my beautiful twin girls, Adriana & Emilia. I love dancing with them - our favorite pastime as a family - and reading stories to them. Next month, however, I have promised myself to take some ‘alone’ time to retake my marathon training, which has my hobby for the past 4 years.

Q: Tell us your top mom "essentials".

A:  For the car, I always carry La Totuga’s personalized children music in spanish. Their cds sign each song with my daughters’ names and they love it. They are truly God sent. If they are crying or getting restless in the car, I play the cd y “Santo Remedio.” For quick entertainment, I rely on books in Spanish. For nap time, I always have handy our Lanugo onesies so they can sleep comfortably, and for bedtime, their Precious Moment “angel de la guarda” prayer dolls are a most. Emilia will not leave that doll anywhere – she has travelled with us even to Alaska!

Q: What/who is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration comes from my children. It may sound cliché, but seriously, it was because of them and for them that along with my husband, we created Lanugo. I wanted to build a Hispanic-focused world that they could love, be a part of and get inspired from. I want to make sure that they understand their heritage and their past, so that they can in turn conquer their future. My husband and I believe that you need to know where you come from in order to know where you are going. If they loose their roots, they can loose their identity – and that was a scary thought for us as parents.

This interview with Carla, has really inspired me to submerge France a little more in my culture! I got excited just reading how passionate she is about her roots. As a result of that, Lanugo has been featured on Telemundo, in a live interview on CNN en Español (programa Notimujer), Mamas Latinas website, and they have qualified for the 2nd round in a Walmart competition. You can support this amazing company and vote here! Follow and like them as well.. Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you so much Carla for partnering with Nicole and I! We love your vision for Bebe Laguno, and think every Bebe would look adorable in your items. Please hop on over to Lillies and Leon...Lucas wants to say HOLA!!


xx. Mami Karla