Besos de mami // Going bananas


So simple yet So. SO. good! The recipe I'm sharing, brings back wonderful childhood memories- Platano Macho-! Now that I can whip this up for France, her reaction is  "Mas Mami More" every single time. We speak a little Spanglish at home from time to time. ; ) 

Warning....this recipe is not recommended for anyone wanting to stay in a bikini. It's THAT good!!


Plantain Banana //Sugar//Cinnamon//Butter//Crema Mexicana 

How to make Platano Macho:  

  • Peel and slice platano diagonally into 1" pieces
  • Place butter in pan (enough to fry the platano)
  • Set the platano slices in the pan so that each slice can be browned
  • Once they are ready....drizzle/sprinkle the sugar, crema, and cinnamon

Simple right?! All Latin folks cook the platano differently. It can be served as a main course with rice or as a postre//dessert..umm dessert please. Mi amiga Nicole used some platano to make Lucas a very good dish. check it out here

Note: France was sleeping while I made her platano macho. I added a photo from yesterday while we waited for the fireworks! 

xx. Mami Karla