Besos de mami // Sweet Penelope Knits

For the logest time I drooled over all the images I saw on Jen's instagram.  Her work is not just beautiful but true heirloom pieces.  Both Nicole and I feel so honored that our kids own Sweet Penelope Knits.  I really wish I had know about her beanies, turbans, coronas and S H O P before Francesca was born.  I would have purchased a corona for her newborn shoot and because they are adjustable France could still be wearing them today. 

Every piece that Jen creates is a true labor of love.  Once you get your hands on one you will see not only quality but delicasy.   Even her packaging is amazing and brings an "Awwwwww" moment when you recieve it in the mail.  I admit, I might have gotten a little teary.  Seriously.


Jen is a talented woman that I respect and feel blessed to call a friend.  Nicole and I enjoy featuring people like Jenn because we hope that through the photos we take you can see the beauty in her work.   Being a mama is so much work and can get very overwhelming, especially when you add work or a business in the mix.   We hope that these interviews will inspire you to peruse your dreams to the fullest or give you an extra boost to keep pushing on when things are hard.  Now to the interview. 


Q:  Any advice you would like to share with someone dreaming of starting a business or following their passion?

A:  That's its totally possible. I am  a living testament. Pursue your talents, dump some sweat and get it until you got it. Also, find creativity within yourself. It's there, sometimes you just need to dig deep :)

Q:  How does being Latina affect the way you raise your children and what traditions do you hope they will continue to pass on?

A:  My mother always taught me that being a Latina was a very special thing in my life. She spoke to me in Spanish and I was bilingual since I was able to talk. I show my son how to embrace his nationality. Being a Latino/ Latina is a beautiful thing. The culture, language, food and family morals are all something I will pass down to my son.

Q:  What part of being Hispanic do you love the most?

A:  How much family is valued. Being Panamanian has taught me how wonderful it is to have love first and to enjoy the ones you love.

Now....go visit Nicole and lucas! She has some more interview questions posted on her blog.  I love them and I can't wait to meet them this Saturday!!