We hit the road again this past weekend heading to Tahoe! My best friend and her family moved recently from Texas and well..we needed to get our babies together. (Any excuse right?) We arrived late Friday and they had everything ready for s'mores. We sat around the fire with wine and it was perfect. On Saturday we took the kids to the park and let them run free.  

Alex my friends son is ONE day older than France and they love eachother so much. We love to see them play and enjoy life together. Ocassionally you will hear a smack and a thunk because they are SO wild together and partner up to make a disaster. How is it that they have already learned to tag team against us?! It's exhausting with TWO kids. Major props to mom's with twins. 

The weather was beyond awesome so on Sunday we vegged all day at the beach. This past weekend was incredible..I needed a slow realxing weekend and good catch up time with my bestie. I'm so happy we have this family back!