New spot & a phone call..


I really hope she becomes a reader.  

image-35.jpeg this point the phone rang in the coffee shop and she ran to pick it up! Ummm she did and said "HELLLOOOOO". Luckily the gal working was super sweet and just laughed. Not sure why the phone was low to the ground on a box, but it was and it gave us a good laugh. 


This was a little alley with tuns of local artists and good coffee! I can't wait to take Jason because he would love it.  


Yesterday was so so good! We went to a new coffee shop and I didn't order an espresso drink. Just coffee on ice and it was so delish {my regular is an iced latte}. I love spending my days with France, I think our favorite is to venture out and go places we have not gone before. France is a lot like me. We like to be out and about and meet new people! I sometimes wish I was more of a home body but nahhhhh what fun is that?! We don't like TV or to sit mom says we have ants in our pants. I'm just so happy I have a little partner in crime who likes to do the same!! 

BTW- Happy Friday!! We are waiting for Papi to come home so we can pack up the car and head out to Tahoe to be with my bestie and her lovely family for the weekend. I just can't believe that our babies are only one day apart! Maybe a future love connection? Hmmm one can only dream.