Besos de mami // The tradition of a Lullaby


Some childhood memories stand out in my mind more than others. I can still remember my dad coming into my room, and trying to help me sleep. He would always sing the same song and I remember laughing because I was imagining the three little Cochinitos // Pigs trying to go to sleep. My imagination would run wild..I would wonder what their room looked like and how the mom sang to them. Did she pause and Oink??!!! Then of course, I would fall asleep to the sound of my Papi's voice. 

 I love passing down this very same song to France. I can only dream of the day she will sing this to her ninos. Sigh. I want to pass down all the wonderful things my parents sang and said to me.

Right now I'm trying to teach France the OINK. noise with my nose up in the air. It's a sight to see... 

What memories do you have of your childhood? Do you have a favorite Lullaby? Nicole over at Lillies and Leon is sharing her favorite Lullaby for Lucas and a darling photo. 

This Cochinitos illustration is by Catalina Echeverri  -  I love her art work! 

XX. Mami Karla