Besos De Mami // Trommpo


Both Nicole and I are very happy to highlight companies that are owned by fellow Latinos/Latinas during our Besos series. Trommpo is a great representation of a Latina pursuing her dreams and making magic happen. Seriously?!! This clothing is amazing. We hope to encourage all women especially Mami's to continue to dream! 

When I laid eyes on the Trommpo collection, they made me stop in my tracks!  Right then and there we knew Lucas Leon & France had to represent their clothing. I contacted Catalina and asked if she would partner with us on this series. She is co-owner of the company and lives in Uruguay! Catalina was so pleasant while working with us and happy to help our vision, in highlighting companies like Trommpo (Latin based). Our hope is to keep dreams alive and make them a reality for all Latinos! 

"Trommpo creates unique, high quality garments and communicates values such as creativity, authenticity and learning. Trommpo signatures are geometric cuts, bold use of colour and shape construction aiming to engage with kids imagination." 

The garments run true to size and the quality is phenomenal! I love seeing quality in children's clothing as well..they are definitely pieces that my future children can wear as well!  

  • Any advice you would like to share with someone dreaming of starting a business or following their passion?

Be true to yourself. Make sure the product has a strong identity but at the same time is functional. Dont give up at the first complication, it takes time to get things going. Always learn from those who already made it.

  • How does being Latina affect the way you raise your children and what traditions do you hope they will continue to pass on?

The amount of time spent with the family. The sunday lunches with the whole family at the table.

  • What part of being Hispanic do you love the most? 

The same, the fact that family is a big thing, the warmth of the people and the laid back way of living.

To read the rest of Catalina's interview, please visit Nicole's blog! You can't miss Lucas wearing Trummpo. Cuteness overload. He's taken ladies...France has dibbes. ; ) 

++This post was sponsored by Trommpo++ Thank you so so much for partnering with us! 


xx. Mami Karla