Better days // strawberry fields


We all have bad days and yesterday was one of them! France is a busy baby and I try to multitask with her really doesn't work. I had two appointments yesterday and dinner plans in the city. I was running around like a crazy lady! 

Today kinda made up for it. We woke up early and headed to the park then later in the afternoon France had her very first "real" haircut! She absolutley loved it. They had a car and gave her a lollipop, the icing on the cake was the fairy dust they put on her hair. Pink glitter?! Are you kidding me? She was all about that!  

After that we went Strawberry picking! I can't believe that my old little farm house was across the street from this place. It feels like many moons ago..I used to walk over to this stand for fruit and veggies. Four months before we moved into our house we rented an old farm house. It was the smallest cutest little place. It had no AC and in the Summer it hit 107 degrees while I was pregnant! was a beautiful day and the Thai family at the stand loved France. The ladies let us pick some fruit and fed her all  kinds of sweets. This girl lives the life! I'm so Blessed to have this time with her, and I never want to take it for granted. I want to enjoy and adventure with her everyday. 

Learning to balance and enjoy the small things.