Accessorizing // Have fun


If you follow me on Instagram you already know,  that France loves to accessorize in a MAJOR way! While pregnant it never crossed my mind all the options we would have. Now that makes Mami and Baby very happy.... but not hubby. ; )

I received several gold bracelets at my baby shower, (Latin culture love) and I thought it would all stop at that. Boy was I wrong! Both my Mami and I took France to get her ears pierced at 3 months old.  Following children fashion blog's have opened up a new world filled with endless options.

France doesn't need to be "dressed up" in order to wear her goodies. Today she is wearing jean overalls,  white tank, and a tassel necklace! Accessorizing is just another fun way for kids to add style to a day to day outfit. I always suggest having fun and not overthinking your style, this applies to both Mama and baby!

Hope you have a great weekend! I think we are going to spend some time by the pool and if it's not too hot we may head into the city.

The necklace above is available for purchase Here