Besos de Mami


After living in our house for almost two years we have seen an awesome change in our neighborhood. Many young families with children have moved in, and the sound of kids playing outside, till all hours of the day, constantly fill my ears. I can not tell you how much joy this brings me, because when we first moved in the neighborhood was way too quiet.  It felt like no one lived here.

France and I now spend hours outside with the neighbors drawing with chalk, playing in the water and trying to teach her how to share (it’s a process).  The other day some of the other mama’s asked me if I would begin speaking to their kids in Spanish! They want them to learn and speak Spanish just like France. So as we played in the water I taught the kids the word “Agua”. Soon they were all running up to us saying “Mas AGUA please” and “How do you sayyy this word in spanish”.

I share this story with you because I know many of you are not Hispanic but would like to introduce your ninos (kids) to a new language/culture. Do it.  Don’t be afraid to speak to your kids in another language.  Encourage your friends to speak to your kids in their native language.  

My latin roots are deep and I cherish them, but my hunger to learn more about other cultures is just as big! I know that this desire stems from my parents. They taught me to love languages. Growing up they only spoke to me in Spanish and they made sure that I hung around different cultures. Of course growing up near San Francisco, the melting pot that it is, has also helped.

Being fluent in another language has opened me to so many opportunities and has helped or been a key factor in many of my past occupations.  Also knowing even just a few words in someone's native language will instantly break the ice and even a possible discount! Oh ya. 

Both Jason and myself talk about putting France in a bilingual school. We want her to learn as many different languages as she can while she is young and her mind is a sponge! I do my best to speak to France in Spanish as much as I can.  She understands all of it, but obviously because of her age, she only says a few words.

Here is a list of a few she knows.

  • Agua // Water
  • Pato // Duck
  • Leche// Milk
  • Caro // Car
  • Papi // Dad
  • Mami // Mom
  • Perro // Dog

Feel free to begin using those words to teach your ninos Spanish.  It's never too early, or too late to start learning.

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xx. Mami Karla