Welcome // Bienvenidos

It’s been a long time coming but I am really excited to start blogging again.  I have really missed it.  I wanted to start sooner, but was waiting till I had this grandiose space created, but as my Mami always says “Too much analyzes causes paralysis”.  So today I finally decided I couldn't put it off any longer. 

To be honest, this feels like I’m letting you come into my home without coffee brewing, fresh flowers on the table and no Trader Joes chocolate croissants fresh out of the oven.  I’m feeling exposed.  I like to make a good impression and make everyone feel not only at home but important. I hoped I would be more prepared when I started things back up again but ahhhh here goes nothing! 

On to the good stuff...

I’m a big Instagrammer and I love how it can bring people together, especially moms.  I have made so many connections and one Mami that I particularly adore and admire is Nicole (from Lillies & Leon), alllll the way from New York!  Nicole is a beauty and her son Lucas has my girl France in a love trance! ; )

After several conversations, via text and phone, we both realized that we share similar values and a way of doing things that is a bit different than most.  We do things different because we are both latin mami’s.  Our culture has had a great effect on how we parent and raise our families and we want to share this with you.

We are both going to post some of our traditions, values, favorite foods, lullabies and funny things that our bilingual kids say and do.  Have you ever heard of aroz con leche?  Well it's amazing and I have my abuelitas recipe.  I hope to recreate and share it with you.  Fingers crossed.